Jan 30, 2012

Buenos Aires Summer Night Life!

Saturday night was hot and a very quiet night in BA. Summer time, half of the people is on vacations...Althought if you decided to come to BA at this time of the year, you should rent a flat and discover that you can always find cool places to go and have fun!

That little area at Reconquista pedestrian street is an excellent choice to go out, listen at some good music, eat some irish dish and have a drink!
The kilkenny is the queen of the bars where you can enjoy alive music.
Happy hour and after office during the aweek after 8p.
Across the street, Puerto Pirata... loud music and large music video screen, perfect to go with a group of friends.
Downtown Mathias, from 1973, good menu and has an exclusive service of Whisky Club and Wine Bar.
Druid in: small place where you can listen at some alive music but the interesting thing about it is their collection of 20 different kind of beers and most of a 100 different kind of whiskies.
Deep Blue: for the youngest public, it has an entertainment area of games like pool.
Bohemian Bar: friendly place, it has karaoke some nights.

Jan 27, 2012

Why dont you stay in Plaza San Martin neighborhood?

You can rent a flat for 1 week or months from Andrea´s Style and stay at Plaza San Martin in Retiro!
I really like this neighborhood for 4 good reasons:
Centrally located: Walking distance to Recoleta, Puerto Madero, Retiro and Downtown. Subway and buses to the rest of the city.
Shopping: Famous Florida street, Galerías Pacífico Mall, fine leather stores and jewerly stores
3 Traditional Architecture: Kavanagh Building, San Martin Palace and Militar Circle
4 Nighlife: you have a few "pedestrian streets" on Reconquista where many Irish pubs are...


Jan 25, 2012

Taxi Taxi Taxi!

Taxis in Buenos Aires are Black and Yellow...

If you are on the street then my recommedation always is to grab those who belong to companies...You can recognize Radio taxis because their cars have a visible Company name and telephone number on the passenger doors. If you have time call a cab to your home...(except rainny days...better to catch one on the street)
Their rate during the day time is: pesos7.30 + trip and after 10pm:  pesos8.70 + trip
Good luck! Just hold up your hand and a taxi stops!


If you are going to visit BA rent a flat at www.andreasstylebarentals.com

Jan 23, 2012

Puerto Madero is the safest neighborhood in Buenos Aires!

The newest and safest neighborhood in Buenos Aires is Puerto Madero next to the river,close to everything and with a large list of options to visit and check out. Tourist must go, pick a restaurant of the many around to have a fancy dinner (90% of the restaurants in there are expensive but worth it), grab an icecream, stop by "Spell caffe" for a cold beer or just enjoy the view of the city and take a nice walk.
You can also rent one of the most exclusive temporary furnished flats in Puerto Madero that Andreas Style BA Rentals offers and you will be able to enjoy the area 100%!


Jan 20, 2012

How to get to know Buenos Aires better?

Subways in Buenos Aires dont have AC !

You are feeling great, confortable and fresh at your fantastic temporary rental apartment with AC you had rent from andreasstylebarentals...but when you go out to visit the city...you will find out that on this days streets of Buenos Aires are Super HOT!
Summer time and not that much people around but even the subways dont have any AC they take you fast from Belgrano to the cathedral of BA!


Jan 18, 2012

Precioso Departamento en Recoleta con descuento de 500 dólares!

Fantástico departamento de 2 dormitorios en Buenos Aires que ha bajado de precio de u$2400 a u$1920!
Ubicado en el corazón de Recoleta a tan sólo metros de la famosa y coqueta Avenida Alvear!
Si quieres sentirte como en tu propia casa en una ciudad extranjera, alquila un departamento temporal en la mejor zona de Buenos Aires, super equipado con internet inalámbrica y todas las comodidades!