Jan 30, 2012

Buenos Aires Summer Night Life!

Saturday night was hot and a very quiet night in BA. Summer time, half of the people is on vacations...Althought if you decided to come to BA at this time of the year, you should rent a flat and discover that you can always find cool places to go and have fun!

That little area at Reconquista pedestrian street is an excellent choice to go out, listen at some good music, eat some irish dish and have a drink!
The kilkenny is the queen of the bars where you can enjoy alive music.
Happy hour and after office during the aweek after 8p.
Across the street, Puerto Pirata... loud music and large music video screen, perfect to go with a group of friends.
Downtown Mathias, from 1973, good menu and has an exclusive service of Whisky Club and Wine Bar.
Druid in: small place where you can listen at some alive music but the interesting thing about it is their collection of 20 different kind of beers and most of a 100 different kind of whiskies.
Deep Blue: for the youngest public, it has an entertainment area of games like pool.
Bohemian Bar: friendly place, it has karaoke some nights.

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