Feb 6, 2012

Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires Columns

I was in the area and this amazing building kept my attention so I decided to stop and take a pic...

If I dont tell you this is the cathedral of BA probably you wont figure it out, right? The actual looks of this beautiful neo classic building is the result of many reconstructions of course. I was thinking that this kind of building makes Buenos Aires looks like any other european city but as we know, PEOPLE also makes cities and Buenos Aires is UNIQUE. The building has 12 corintians columns and like every classical building every little detail has a meaning. So why 12 columns? Well, dont forget this is a Catholic building.

I wont recommend you to stay in San Nicolás Neighborhood because during the day is crazy and at night nobody is there but this historical area is surrounded by 4 great neighborhoods wich are great options for renting an apartment and enjoy the city: the bohemian San Telmo, the traditional Plaza San Martin, Downtown for shorts term and fancy Puerto Madero...

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